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Choosing an Electrician

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Choosing someone to work on your home or commercial building is a big decision. You need the right professional, who will listen to what you want to accomplish and do the job right the first time.

When it comes to electricity, you don’t want to skimp on the quality of service. Sometimes the most qualified solutions are not the cheapest.

Hiring a Technician or Contractor

  1. Interview several to ensure you pick the right one.

  2. Check for Better Business Bureau affiliation as well as listings with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR).

  3. At each interview gauge the level of knowledge and experience the person offers about your specific needs.

  4. If you own a home or building, look for an electrician before an emergency happens so that you are prepared with a number to call.

  5. Gather bids to compare price and abilities.

  6. Ask about hours of operation and whether there is a 24-hour option available.

  7. Review all products offered that may align with your future projects.

Trust is an important factor when choosing an electrician. When we hire employees to assign to our Commercial Electric Services trucks, we are very strict and particular about finding the right person. Only the most trusted, knowledgeable and certified people make it all the way. Our goal is to have every job done right the first time. Most of all, we want to make our customers feel confident that the person entering their home, office, or building is a qualified professional.

Our employees go through a strict interviewing process, which includes screening for: knowledge, experience, professionalism as well as drug testing.

It's Electric (Fun Facts)

A spark of static electricity can measure 3,000 volts, while a bolt of lighting can measure up to three million volts. Electricity can come from wind, water, sun and even cow manure.

In 15 minutes, the sun radiates as much energy onto our globe as humans use in one year. Imagine the possibilities of solar power!

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