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    We do the service work your home needs, so that you don’t have to. No list can include everything that our trained professionals can handle, but here’s a start of what we can do for you.

  • Install Ceiling Fans

    The beautiful fixtures that we love in our home are not always simple to install; have a technician come out to take care of the big things on your TO DO list.

  • Aluminum Wire to Copper Wire

    Connecting one wire to another may seem like an easy task. But what if you have several wires to combine? Don't make a costly mistake, ask for advice.

  • Remodeling/Additions for Homes

    Are you looking to redo a room in your home, or maybe you’re finally ready for that dream addition? Involve an electrician in every step of the construction process to ensure that everything is done correctly and safely.

  • TVSS and Surge Protection Systems

    It only take one surge of power to ruin sensitive electronics; computers and entertainment systems are usually the first to take a hit. To protect your equipment, have a Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor (TVSS) installed in your home or office to block those spikes in power from ruining your possesions.

  • 120/240 Volt Circuits

    When you have appliances that draw high currents of electricity (ovens, dryers, heaters); you may need to add a 220 Volt Circuit to your home. To guarantee safety.

  • Bathroom/Kitchen Lighting

    The two most valuable rooms in your home are the kitchen and bathroom. Accent lighting can set a great mood for a luxurious bath or dinner party.

  • Recessed Fixture Installation

    Although the end result is beautiful and dramatic, installing recessed lighting can be quite a task. Our technicians can handle: high ceilings, irregular wall studs and running power cables behind drywall for a beautiful effect.

  • Automated Energy Management Systems

    Have lights that work on a sensor trained to come on when you enter the room and turn off when you leave. The lights can dimly come on for your 2 a.m. water break, or gradually dim throughout the evening to calm children before bed.

  • Landscape Lighting

    If you’re trying to create the perfect mood for your outdoor haven, consult with a trained electrician that can guide you through proper light placement.

  • GFCI Plugs for Outdoors/Indoor Protection

    We can place protective covering on outdoor and indoor plugs to ensure safety.

  • Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters

    Every year more than 40,000 fires are attributed to bad wiring. An Arc circuit breaker is designed to stop fires before they can start by detecting faulty or damaged wiring within your home. The interrupters stop electrical flow to the non-working area solving problems early.

  • Relocate Plug and Switches

    Relocating outlets or switches is no problem for our electricians. Let us do the job the right way, ensuring safety and convenience for your preferences. Make sure you consult with a technician before attempting any electrical project.

  • Code/Safety Home Inspections

    It is important for the safety of everyone to keep buildings up to code, and to periodically inspect for potential electrical problems. We can walk you through the inspection process and explain the rules.

Power Your Home

The chores that pile up around the house may not be complicated, but who has the time? What better solution than a trained technician to complete all of your electrical repairs and installation projects? Our employees go through a strict interviewing process, which includes screening for: knowledge, experience, professionalism as well as drug testing.

All of this ensures that when you let one of our workers into your home, you can trust that the highest standards are met in completing the work.

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